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Dogs welcome in the Gardens & Grounds


We’ve listened to feedback from visitors and villagers alike and we are happy to announce Ripley Castle’s Gardens and Grounds will be open to visitors with their dogs!

Over many years dogs (and their owners) have missed out on our beautiful walks and surrounds. Access will be as normal via. the Main Entrance at Grindhus Coffee Shop.

As a village Ripley has always been incredibly dog friendly with dogs welcome in The Tearoom, Grindhus Coffee Shop and at The Boar’s Head. This decision is the final and hopefully welcomed piece of the jigsaw for dogs and their owners visiting Ripley.

We look forward to dogs enjoying the grounds with their well-behaved owners, making sure they don’t forget your lead and ask you to join our pack by using the hashtag, #DogsofRipleyCastle on Instagram when you visit.

Please note we sadly cannot allow dogs in the Deer Park or Snowfield due to livestock. 

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