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Harrogate Gin School


For those of you who may not know, Harrogate Tipple Gin have been producing their gin and rum at the distillery in Ripley since 2018. They moved their gin shop to the Castle courtyard in 2020 and have opened their gin school in Summer 2021.

The #GinSchool runs for approximately 3 hours. 🍃
During this time you will be immersed in the gin-making experience whilst drinking Harrogate gin & tonics (either leave your car at home or stay overnight at The Boar’s Head)!.

Start at the distillery for a quick tour, before heading over to the gin school where you’ll create your own gin recipe! Choose from over 80 dried and over 60 seasonal fresh botanicals ready to pick from the tipple patch inside our Walled Gardens.

Sample your gin, bottle it, name it & take it home!! For more information contact visit: Harrogate Tipple Gin School – Click Here 

Still unsure whether to book? Read about the Guardian’s experience here!


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