Stay or Dine at
the Boars Head


The disabled access toilet in the Castle is a little way from the rooms that are visited, towards the conference/function rooms in the East Wing, but the access route through is level and easy, with smooth hard surfaces all the way.

Externally, the terrace at the front of the Castle has the same small gauge gravelled surface, that is reasonably accessible, and from there, one can gain a panoramic vista of the garden and park beyond. The path to the waterfall bridge and park beyond can only be accessed via a set of stone steps with have handrails at each side, and the footpath has some relatively steep gradients in places. The kissing gate between the waterfall bridge and the deer park is not suitable for wheelchairs.

The route to the gardens is easier: follow the terrace round until you come to some stone steps with a handrail on both sides: there is a well signposted ramped footpath to the right for wheelchair users and which gets you down onto the path that runs alongside the lake, heading towards the gardens and grounds beyond.

The walled gardens occupy level ground, and a network of paths with a very fine stone surface makes access throughout easy for wheelchair users. The central Orangery building is fully accessible but the glasshouses can only be accessed and exited via a small flight of stone steps with a handrail to one side. There are plenty of benches throughout the main garden area.

The wooded grounds beyond the walled garden are accessed via a network of broad stone paths. The paths are shaped like an oval, with a central path running straight down the middle. The eastern path (come out of the Orangery and turn right at the crossroads) has the gentlest gradient and is the easiest route to the temple at the far end. The central and lakeside paths have reasonable gradients for the return downhill journey. Benches are sited at regular intervals on the lakeside and central path.

The track around the lake and through the deer park isn't suitable for wheelchair or electric buggy access: the surface is uneven and a long stretch is across grass, the kissing gate between the waterfall bridge and deer park isn't wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, and there is a steep gradient up the path to the castle.